bois larmé ©

Wood reinforced with metals forming tears. Creation of «rapid ornaments» intimately marrying a veneer of fine essence and a non-ferrous sheet such as aluminum, brass, bronze or copper. It makes the wood more resistant to abrasion and impact. We can print grids in 3D in order to control the patterns, dimensions, colors and relief.


woowood ©

WooWood is born from the desire to give more functionality to our Airwood technology. This time it is not the air that inflates or sucks the pockets, but the objects that we slide inside. The wood skin follows the contours of the object to let us guess the outlines.


c-wood ©

In theory, we need a mould to bend wood. This die is very expensive to make and is usually financially amortised by the repetition of casting series. By making prototypes, unique pieces or small series over the years, we wanted to create an easily and intuitively bendable wood. We combined plastic sheets and veneer to find a material that becomes malleable under heat effects.


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