Famous brands have worked with our studio for our innovative materials in order to create new aesthetics and uses.
We have been able to develop partnerships with different groups such as Hermès, Cartier, Renault, Citroën or AW2.



Hermès – Handbag Kellywood

Bois Larmé © innovation, design Hermès and Steven Leprizé


Cartier – Watches diplay

Woowood © innovations, design with Agence RED


Arcane – Stool

380 x 380 x 450 mm, design Jörg Gessner 


Dosse – Console

1280 x 280 x 900 mm, design Alexandre Echasseriau


Aw2 – Silversland Hôtel, Grenade

C-wood © innovations, design AW² and Steven Leprizé


Renault – Morphoz concept car

Woowood © innovation, design Renault and Steven Leprizé


M – Collector Badges

Bois Larmé © innovation, designed for Matthieu Chedid

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