Copal Gainerie 91 ©
Overhead structure

This magnificent 120mL ribbon was created by Steven Leprizé, cabinetmaker, inventor and founder of the ARCA workshop. Entirely made with his C°-WOOD© technology, in oak plywood , a thermoformable wood that does not require moulds, which are too costly and polishing. Suspended at eight meters  from the ground by fine cables, this dynamic sculpture, an allegory of creativity, begins and concentrates at the entrance, explodes and becomes part of the president’s office, and ends its journey on two benches and the reception desk. At Gainerie 91, this is how projects go, a client comes in, ideas flow, a team ensures ! Optimum architecture enabled them to reinforce the ceiling and coordinate with the other trades.

project details


Woodden ribbon of 120 meters


oak plywood


c°-wood ©


Steven Leprizé


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Arca ebenisterie, Gainerie 91


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