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The stair is the element allowing the transition from one space to another, here it accompanies the passage from the entrance to the living rooms, from the rigor of the outside to the soft family cocoon. A metamorphosis that is expressed formally by a rectilinear threshold, transforming to become more and more organic. We were free to create the central space of this villa hidden in the woods of Brussels, the cradle of Art Nouveau. We have therefore honored this artisitic movement while respecting the work of interieur architecture already validates. It becomes the meeting point for the family around the fireplace, serving as seating, but also a log rack, a platform and a chest. The base parts are made in 3D concrete printing with XtreeE, the central stringer is in steel made by JLM and the wood of the steps comes from an ash tree felled on the property.

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5000 x 2500 x 3000 mm


3D printed concrete, Solid ash, Steel


Steven Leprizé


On demand

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