Tramètes ©
Wall console + Miror

This wall console is inspired by rubber polypores attached to tree bark. It welcomes classic objects but especially those who want to constantly roll to the ground, or objects difficult to grasp. The wooden elastic allows to pass hands more easily and to apprehend the object. Tramètes is intended for a bedroom, an entrance or a corridor. The degraded treatment of the mirror follow the movement and the illusion of appearing as if by magic. This wall console is composed of recycled plastic shelves Le Pavé and flexible bands in walnut US WOOWOOD©️. Designed with our intern Lucile CHESNEAU.

project details


Ø 1200 mm, 350 mm


Walnut Us, rubber, Varnish, Le Pavé


Woowood ©


Steven Leprizé, with Lucile Chesneau


On demand

Photos credits

Antoine Duhamel


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